Tuesday, August 28, 2012

three girls waiting for a sponsor

Since part of Compassion September is a goal of getting 3108 children sponsored, here are three young ladies I've been checking on from the Compassion International website. I just thought now about possibly looking at kids from the Compassion sites of other countries, but we'll start with these three little girls. ,roxana is 11 years old and lives in Guatemala. She lives with her father and her mother and 4 siblings. Her father is employed as a farmer and her mother maintains the home. Roxana helps at home running errands. She enjoys singing and running and participates in choir. Her performance in primary school is average. Where Roxana lives, typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, wood walls, and tin roofs. The regional diet consists of maize and beans, and a common health problem is respiratory illnesses. Some adults work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of $75 per month. Mayde is 9 years old and lives in Bolivia. I found her by searching for kids from the projects my kids are from. Mayde goes to the same project as my Jimena...I wonder if they know each other. She lives with her father and mother and two siblings. She also runs errands for her family. Her father is sometimes employed and her mother maintains the home. Mayde enjoys playing with dolls for fun. She attends church activities, and her performance in primary school is average. Typical houses where Mayde lives are constructed of cement floors, mud walls, and tin roofs. the diet consists of chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, eggs, and noodles. Common health problems are diarrhea, colds, coughs, malnutrition, and infant mortality. :( The average income is equivalent to $67 per month. Isabel is 8 years old and also lives in Bolivia. She lives with her sister and possibly 4 other siblings. Her sister is sometimes employed as a laborer. Isabel helps in the kitchen and runs errands at home. She likes to play with dolls and playing ball games for fun. Her performance in primary school is average and she attends church activities. Typical houses in Isabel's area are constructed of dirt floors, tin walls, and wood roofs. The diet consists of maize, chicken, bread, beef, potatoes, and rice. Health problems include diarrhea, tuberculosis, coughs, colds, and stomach infections. Employed adults in the area earn the equivalent of $91 per month. If you feel led to sponsor any of these girls, I'd love to know about it. Feel free to leave me a comment. You'll see on the Bolivian girls' pages that it says that they live in an area with higher risk for exploitation and abuse. This tends to mean there is more risk of gangs or drug violence, but I don't know all the details. A number of countries have recently received this designation, but it's somewhat unclear which areas are truly higher-risk since all children in affected countries have the designation.

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